Hot bluegrass from cold places to tropical shores. Americana, original, traditional folk, country, bluegrass - in collaboration with Grammy-winning Hawaiian musicians, an entirely new genre of music is being created:  Piligrass!


Hailing from mainland U.S. and Alaska, the Aloha Bluegrass Band plays a mix of original and traditional songs that honor the first generation masters while bringing a fresh new energy to bluegrass and folk music. All the basic ingredients of great bluegrass are there – driving rhythm, soaring fiddling, hot picking, and sweet, tight harmonies. But what really grabs you is the passion and excitement they express through their music. Members of the Aloha Bluegrass Band have been teaching bluegrass and folk music on Maui for the past seven years, on the Big Island and Oahu for three, and are excited to share some of the musical traditions of the mainland with Hawaiian audiences.