Aloha Music Academy Class Descriptions

Students will take a different instrument class during each class period for a total of three instrument classes, plus a band class.  Each instrument class is offered at three levels according to students' experience and ability.  Teachers will make every effort to give specialized and individual instruction when possible.  

Beginning – No experience playing the instrument required.
Intermediate – Student has some familiarity with the instrument and can play basic tunes and/or chords.
Advanced – Student can play difficult tunes, change chords easily and/or play in a band setting.

Banjo (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced) – This class is an introduction to the three-finger style of bluegrass banjo playing. Students will learn basic rolls, chords, and an easy banjo tune.

Upright Bass (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced) – Students will learn how a bass fits into a jam or band. They will learn 4-5 chords and how to back up a guitar on some simple songs.

Fiddle (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced) – Students will learn how to hold the fiddle and bow, and how to play a few fiddle tunes.

Intermediate and advanced players will learn chords, backup techniques, and improvisation.

Mandolin (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced) – This class will teach students the basics of how to hold and play the mandolin. They will learn a few easy mandolin chords, some bluegrass tunes, and mandolin rhythm.

Bluegrass Guitar (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced) – Beginning students will learn 4-5 basic guitar chords, how to strum with a pick, and a few basic bluegrass and folk songs. Intermediate and advanced students will learn to flat pick, along with strengthening their chord and rhythm knowledge.

Slack Key Guitar – Students will learn slack key guitar tunings and chords, as well as traditional Hawaiian songs to play with their instrument.

Ukulele – Students will gain knowledge of common ukulele chords and traditional Hawaiian songs to play with their instrument.

Songwriting – For students 11 and up. This class will be an introduction to how to write songs, including instrumentation and lyrics.

Vocals – Students will learn songs and singing techniques to sing with a group, a guitar, or by yourself.

Beginning Clogging - Students will learn basic steps of Appalachian-style clogging.

Everyone will be participating in a band class. This is a chance to work up a song with your peers to perform during the camp concert. The class will be mostly students of your same age or level, and build your confidence performing by working on stage presence, singing, taking solos, playing backup, and emcee-ing your own show.   The most fun part of playing music!